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The Oil Rig

A new monument has made its way to the Rust landscape: The Oil Rig. When you reach the top of the Oil Rig there is a locked crate you can open which will initiate an event with the Heavy Scientists.

Faster Staging Builds

The new build process is more than twice as fast and can be canceled at any point, making our daily development cycle much more pleasant.

Vulkan & Metal

Linux and Mac were using a rather old version of OpenGL that didn’t support many of the optimizations we were using on Windows and would regularly break shaders. Linux moves to Vulkan, and Mac to Metal.

Ordered Entity Networking

Last month’s iterative entity networking introduced the negative side effect that sometimes entities would stream in very delayed. To fix this entities are now ordered by distance when they are networked, so the closest entities will stream in first.

Asset Warmup Optimizations

Significantly improved asset loading performance. This means the game now loads 10% faster on an SSD and even more improvement on an HDD.

Giant Excavator Monument

The Giant Excavator is a monument that will find its place in the desert. More information will be made available as we progress on it.

Ocean Upgrade

From here on ocean waves will affect the behaviour of any floating body. Additionally fixed a issues related to flickering near the shore, especially with TSSAA enabled.

World Reflections Return

Originally meant to improve lighting on interiors by capturing the reflection around the player in realtime. Thanks to the latest Unity version upgrade, the feature is now back and safe to use.

Light Culling

Both the Cargo Ship and the new Oil Rigs contain a lot of lights that eventually became a problem for rendering performance. New system combines dynamic occlusion system, culling volumes and distance culling to handle a massive number of lights. This way we could take the most out of the hardware without having to compromise so much on aesthetics.

Just the TL:DR – Full post with images here