RustyBits Gaming FAQ

About RustyBits Gaming New Zealand

The RustyBits Gaming New Zealand team met playing Rust, and each has brutally raided (at least) one of the other members of the team.

Seems like the story should have ended there, right? In fact, that's how some of us met for the first time and became friends.

That's our ethos: Enjoy the game, and don't be a dick.

If it hadn't been for that ethos, we could just as easily have fallen in to the kind of toxic behaviour we think ruins many games these days... And why we thought we'd do our part to try fix that:

  • New-player friendly, and a safe place for female gamers.
  • We want you to enjoy the game in your own way, in your own time.
  • Our servers are configured to cover all levels of experience, and game-play style.
  • There's many plans in the works for monthly events, and;
  • A Rust game system... system. Rust-ception?
  • Our Admins are very helpy, so message us in-game or in our Discord if you need assistance.

It's a humble beginning, and we have much to do.

We hope you'll join us to keep our vibe alive.

Rust New Player Guide

We think GrobeMan Guides & Gameplay has it about right.

This is our favourite beginners guide on YouTube right now,
and we think it will help new players quite a bit.

Modded Server Commands

/kit – Opens the kits menu

/sethome [name] – standing on a foundation you placed, sets a home tp for you. max of 4 homes per player.
/removehome [name] – removes home tp
/homelist – lists home tp’s already set
/tpr [name] – requests a tp to the player named
/tpa – accepts a tp request from a player
/tpc – cancels pending tp

Remove Tool
/remove – Starts remove tool. Looking at an item, and left-clicking, will allow you to remove items and building parts that you have placed.

/backpack – Opens your backpack

For single key opening backpack, open F1 console and type:
bind [your key choice]

When Is Wipe?

All of our servers are monthly.

We wipe on Facepunch’s forced wipe schedule, and will
update the server descriptions to reflect the date of last wipe.

Finding Your Body

Unfortunately it’s an integral part of life in Rust:
You’re going to die… A lot.

As such, we have not added any mods to make this easier.

You’ll need to take note of where you are at all times,
and run back to your last known location to
retrace your steps and (hopefully) find your body.

Facepunch has introduced a “Death Marker” to
the map which should make this a little easier.

To be fair, there are times when the game glitches
and your body is hidden somehow.
Message the Admins and we’ll try to help.

It’s going to take a while to fill this space, so please be patient.
If you have FAQ suggestions, jump on Discord and message Splntr

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