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Horseback Riding

Horseback riding has been added to the game.

This is only a first pass so it works in a pretty rudimentary way. Horses with saddles spawn in the world instead of the traditional horses.

Above your health bar you will notice a yellow stamina bar while mounted. This bar indicates how long the horse can sprint for. When the bar runs out, the run speed will be reduced to a trot while it recovers. Stopping will help your stamina recover quickly.

There is a secondary bar which indicates the maximum stamina your horse can recover to. This can be increased by feeding your horse.

New Menu

Changed a few things on the menu earlier this month. One thing lead to another and ended up revamping the whole thing.

New recruit Paddy has made a variety of different background videos, which are chosen randomly at startup.


The options screen has been sexed up into a few different categories, and is also better localized, providing you with the most breathtaking method of changing your controls to date.

Item Store

The new item store is right in game, lists the available items in your local currency and checks out via Steam’s overlay.

Unity 2019.1

Upgrading to Unity 2019.1 with this update. It seems to be one of the most stable releases in years and everything went much smoother than expected.

Incremental GC

Unity 2019.1 introduces a new incremental garbage collector that should in theory eliminate GC stutter entirely unless it has to trigger an emergency garbage collection.

Skin Unloading Fixes

Unfortunately we had to disable skin unloading last month as it could corrupt skin materials under certain conditions. After fixing several problems with it and optimizing the unloading to be GC free, we are now enabling it again by default for everyone with less than 10GB of RAM.

Network Update Optimizations

Many servers were struggling with entities that were constantly sending network updates as either they or their parent kept moving. Fixed several entities like scientists, dropped items and corpses to prevent them from broadcasting globally even when on the cargo ship.

Weapon Visuals

Weapon visuals were pretty much a mess. Went through and polished every single one, and the result should be better looking weapons, and some saved memory.

Weapon VFX & Optimizations

The new effects should be a lot cheaper on both your RAM and GPU, and they look nicer as well!

Weapon attachment and shell ejection points are now also better positioned and oriented.

Muzzle effects now have visuals that better correspond to the weapon barrel itself, and/or any attachments that it may have.

Oil Rig Loot

Way too much loot here. Lowered how much loot you get from both types of scientists by a significant margin.

Puzzle Reset Fixes

We used to have a timer than ran every 30-60 minutes to reset a monument, if it detected players it would wait 30 seconds and check again. For the oil rig this proved to be disastrous. It would take teams up to 30 minutes to clear it and, as they were boating away, it would respawn. They could drop off their loot and go back for round 2.

Now when players are detected the timer is paused. This means there has to be no players present for 30 minutes for a monument to respawn.

Coastal Waves Preview

This change will introduce coastal waves that move in the direction of the terrain. Wave crest foam will also be redone from scratch.

Light Optimizations

Some inefficiencies in the way Light LODs were being handling in regards to pooling and fading. Work is now amortized across multiple frames so the number of lights no longer affects single frame performance.

Player Step Detection

Added step detection to movement code. This means players automatically bump up over small pieces of geometry instead of relying on the internal unity physics to handle it.

Server List Performance

Ran into problems previously, and limited the number of servers you could show at a time to 256.

Not the best way to do it. You’re only seeing 15 servers at a time, but you’re creating and building 256 of them.

The solution is a virtual scroller. These work by only creating the items you see.

Just the TL:DR – Full post with images here