Excavator Update | Rust Devblog

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The Excavator monument is complete and is now in-game! This isn’t just a static prop, it is a fully functioning mining excavator powered by Diesel.

High Performance Maps

“Barren” maps and smaller procedural maps are options for players with lower end hardware. To improve the experience for those players I’ve removed the largest monuments from procedural maps smaller than 3500 so there is more space to roam and build. Barren maps now also spawn oil rigs, harbors and water wells for more variety and better loot options.

Terrain Anti Hack Protection

Added a new anti hack feature that will detect and kill any players that somehow manage to get inside the terrain. Since there are a lot of edge cases to test, particularly on our custom maps, please let us know if you come across a false positive detection so we can fix it.

IL2CPP Testing

We are starting internal testing of Unity’s IL2CPP compiler backend for the game client this month.

UI Fixes

  • Fixed team member map font being extremely small and unreadable
  • Fixed scope overlay being extremely small on larger screen resolutions
  • Fixed misclicking accept would reject the team invite
  • Fixed accidentally pressing “Create Team” while dropping items on low resolutions
  • Fixed text overflow on team dock when players have long names
  • True size cargoship map marker

Water System Server Optimization

We’ve identified some bottlenecks and this particular one was responsible for about 10% of server frame time. We delivered a huge optimization to this part of the backend, now 10-12x faster, dramatically reducing its footprint.

Terrain Shader Optimization

One of our most complex shaders is undoubtedly the terrain shader. The shader is now doing a much better job at filtering out unnecessary work. The improvement should range from 5-10% in mid-quality levels, or higher in high-quality levels combined with anisotropic and/or parallax.

Demo Mode Fixes

We’re rolling out a simple fix that might make a big difference for anyone looking to use demo mode record/play. This issue we fixed was causing some network-able objects to be duplicated, for example, doors could be visible as open and closed simultaneously.

Just the TL:DR – Full post with images here